VP of Marketing and Communication

(2-year term)

The Vice President of Marketing and Communication shall be responsible for Develop and implement an integrated marketing and public relations program aligned with the chapter’s strategic objectives. Duties include:

  • Create and execute annual marketing and public relations plans with detailed activity calendar including email, social media, advertising, events, press releases, web updates, etc.
  • Use best practices in marketing and public relations to promote the chapter and its activities to members and the community at large Develop all communication vehicles including, but not limited to emails, web content, press releases, social media posts, promotional materials, advertising, etc.
  • Gain access to PMI’s Marketing Portal and use PMI-provided marketing/PR resources.
  • Work with local vendors to develop marketing materials in accordance with PMI brand guidelines if suitable materials are not available in the Marketing Portal.
  • Plan and purchase print and digital advertising.
  • Monitor, optimize and analyze all marketing and public relations activities.
  • Create and distribute public relations communications to local media outlets (e.g. local newspapers, radio stations and television) and manage local media inquiries.
  • Collaborate with local businesses and academic institutions, where appropriate, to publicize the chapter and PMI.
  • Monitor and coordinate branded presentations to external stakeholders and other organizations interested in the activities of PMI Maintain relationships with existing sponsors for continued revenue generation to fund the chapter’s activities.
  • Coordinate and organize presentations to potential chapters, event and other sponsors.
  • Develop and implement succession and transition plan.