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November Board Meeting Highlights


From your 2019 Board,

The board had their final meeting on the 3rd of December. The content discussed is below:

  • Reviewed 2020 BOD. Jeff Dillon has to step down as incoming President. Emily Cohen willing to be President. Looking for nominee for new Pres-Elect. Special election will be held to vote on new nominees for these roles once new Pres-Elect is found.
  • December 10th Chapter meeting is at the Shenandoah Club. Special reminder e-blast will go out with reminder, agenda, parking instructions and dress code.
  • January 12th Chapter meeting will be at Hollins University.
  • Chapter website and all correspondence media will be updated with new PMI branding by the end of the year.
  • David Williamson was voted as the Chapter's Disciplined Agile (DA) Champion. PMI acquired DA and will start integrating in training and certifications.
  • Updated bylaws have been approved.
  • Chapter membership continues to increase. Working on robust communications and marketing strategy for potential members and sponsors in 2020.
  • Applicable BOD role transitions are in progress.

Meeting minutes can be found here:  https://pmi-swva.org/index.php/files/21/Web-Files/60/PMIBODMinutes120319.pdf


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Published Dec 12th, 2019



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