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2016 Symposium - PDU Submission UPDATE

Dear Members of PMI-SWVA,

Please see below for an update on submitting PDUs for those that ATTENDED the 2016 Symposium: (you must type this in your internet browser address bar)

Go to Report PDUs and then to Course or Training

Provider = (C297) PMI Southwest Virginia Chapter

You will receive 5 PDUs for leadership. This covers the opening, closing and networking sessions.  ALL attendees will need to input this first.

Main Sessions: 5 PDUs for Leadership
Activity Number: 10212016-1

For each session attended, input the activity number shown below.  For example, if you attended the first PMO session, followed by Kari and Michael’s leadership sessions, then you would enter in 10212016-31, 10212016-11 and 20212016-13.  In the end, be sure you have 8 PDUs listed from the symposium.

Leadership: 1 PDU per session attended

·         10212016-11 Session 1: Dr. Joey Faucette 5 Questions Successful, Starburst PMs Ask Themselves Daily

·         10212016-12 Session 2:  Kari Mirabal “TAKE5 | Fostering An Entrepreneurial Mindset”

·         10212016-13 Session 3:  Michael O’Brochta  “ Great Project Leadership - Five Essentials”

Technical : 1 PDU for session attended

·         10212016-21 Session 1: John Stenbeck “Is PMI changing the Candy Store? The new PMBOK will change business best practices and expectations!!”

·         10212016-22 Session 2: John Stenbeck “Are Scaled Agile and DevOps the Same Thing?!? Two Mega-Trends that will Impact Your Career!”

·         10212016-23 Session 3: Mike Ryan “Making Agile Principles Stick in the Workplace”

Strategic: 1 PDU per session attended

·         10212016-31 Session 1: Darryl Agee/Emily Cohen/Donnie Havens/Jennifer Havens “Deliver value and deliver it fast - What does your business want from a PMO?”

·         10212016-32 Session 2: Darryl Agee/Emily Cohen/Donnie Havens/Jennifer Havens “Too Many Projects/Too Few Resources

·         10212016-33 Session 3: Darryl Agee/Emily Cohen/Donnie Havens/Jennifer Havens “Tools and Techniques to deliver project/PMO success

 Thank you for your patience as we got everything lined up with the new PDU submitting system!

If you are having issues finding the above sessions, just type in 10212016- then scroll through the list of options and you will find all the above sessions.

~2016 Symposium Committee~

Stay Informed!



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