PMI Southwest Virginia Chapter

By Laws Ratified - Thank You for Your Vote

Dear PMI Southwest Virginia Chapter Members,

The proposed revision to the PMI-SWVA Chapter By Laws has been ratified via a vote of the chapter membership effective September 27, 2016.  The changes, made in compliance with the latest PMI By Laws template include the following:

  • Removal of most of the detailed position descriptions. ┬áThese are being moved to the chapter process and procedure document instead in order to allow more flexibility in the structure of the board throughout a given year
  • Edits to the remaining position descriptions
  • Revisions of the non-discrimination clause to include gender and sexual orientation
  • Basic wordsmithing

To view the newly ratified By Laws, please click the By Laws link under the About Us menu (Coming Soon!) on the PMI-SWVA Chapter website.

~PMI Southwest Virginia Chapter Board of Directors~

Stay Informed!



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