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Jo Moore
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During my career in the Army, I have served multiple roles as:  Operations Manager, Special Projects Manager, Travel Manager, Budgetary Manager, Team Leader, and Training Supervisor.  Additional duties include:  Safety Program Officer, Army EO/EEO Representative, Trainer, Travel Planner, and Asset Manager.

My duties in the last 7 years of my career were primarily project-based, operational, and administrative in nature, however, I had additional duties as:  Airfield Liaison for airfields in Rome, Italy for transiting DoD aircraft (Congressional Delegations, Senior DoD Leadership, POTUS), Travel Manager for the Defense Attaché Office (DAO) in Moscow, Russia, Budget Manager for all of my assigned Programs, and Special Project Manager for the DAO in Moscow, Russia.  I had multiple smaller roles while assigned to each DAO that “kept the offices running” that were primarily administrative (file and database management, generation of memorandums, archiving and processing) as well as managing the payroll system for locally-hired employees for the DAO.

Prior to my work in the DAOs, I served as a Psychological Operations Senior Sergeant, where I performed PSYOP in Iraq and, while, at home, managed the Operations office (operations and exercise planning, travel planning, orders generation, coordination with other agencies for support or cooperation) for a Battalion (five companies, totaling approximately 450 Soldiers).

Prior to my PSYOP duties, I was a Signalman, and oversaw my sections transition from old communications systems to IP-based systems in 2005.  

I moved to Blacksburg in 2019 and have been retired-but-engaged since then.  I act as teacher assistant, janitor, and lunchroom lady for my three boys and I could not be happier.  I get to spend every day with them!

Several friends began Project Management careers after leaving the Army; encouraging me to do the same as the PMP process is extremely close to Army techniques (Military Decision-Making Process, Leadership, Planning, etc.).  

I took the PMP exam and did not do that well so stepped away to lick my wounds…  While waiting for the 7th Edition to take effect and get reengaged, I am keeping busy by being fully retired, however, want to remain engaged and connected to a great community of professionals in a wonderful occupation.  That is why I’m a member of PMISWVA!  

I was initially apprehensive by not having any credentials, however, everyone ensured I was welcome and valued and I find great benefit from being a member of this team.  I am lucky to be a part of something great!

My family and I have not fulfilled our travel lust yet, but we have found home in Blacksburg.  Welcoming and full of wonderful people, we are happy here and I’m happy to be a member of PMISWVA!

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